El pórtico de los ruidiyos
El pórtico de los ruidiyos is a digital music archive run by a group of people who think that music shared on the internet doesn't live long enough. This archive is an effort to preserve these internet shares, that usually consist of rare, unobtainable stuff, in an effort to make these digital audio files available to everyone in the future.

Our standards for tagging and organizing music are considerably high, and we're always trying to make things better whenever we can, but we don't indulge too much into this work, it's something kind of casual for us.

As for now, we are focusing primarly on stuff like lossless blogspot blogs and hard-to-track files. Even though the title of the archive has the word "noise" in it, we don't particularly hunt for noise-related music, every genre and style is welcome.

Access to the archive is, for now, semi-private. You may get invited or you'll be able to find invite links if you search hard enough on the internet, who knows.