Tag Scrapper

Tag Scrapper is an userscript that extracts info from a release page on Rate Your Music and delivers it in a format suitable for autotagging using Mp3tag. This userscript is highly recommended in case you want to tag your audio files using RYM's capitalization rules, since it gathers the metadata formatted the way RYM does. It's also recommended for not bombarding RYM servers with requests, since its usage requires some manual work that's not different from usual RYM usage. It's not a perfect userscript and has its quirks, but makes the work well enough.

Setup and Configuration:

First, you need to create a .txt file. Don't worry about the filename, location or content, but make sure to put it in an accessible place.

After that, open Mp3tag and load a bunch of files. Select all the files in the list and click on "Convert>Text File - Tag" (or press Alt+4)

A window with two text fields will popup. Select the .txt file you created before in the first one, and in the second field, paste the next code exactly like it appears:

%track% %tracktotal% %discnumber% %disctotal% %albumartist% %artist% %album% %year% %reissue% %remaster% %genre% %mediatype% %label% %labelno% %comment% %title%

If you're not interested in a certain tag, change its tagcode to "%dummy%" (without quote marks). After that, click "OK", and an error window should popup. Close it and everything should be now ready for work.


Go to a release page you want to retrieve info from (and select the specific issue if you want). You'll see a new button below the stars field:

Click it (this may break the page, so reload it before using it again), and all the data will be copied to the clipboard. Paste it into the .txt file you created before, and save it. You can edit this notepad the way you like, but make sure not to delete the spaces between every field.

Inside Mp3tag, load the folder you want to edit and sort it by track number in ascending order, this is very important. Now, select all the files, and click on "Convert>Text File - Tag" (or press Alt+4), click OK, and that's it, everything should be tagged correctly.

Download and Notes:

Size: 11kb

(Since 0.5.1, a new field has been added to the Text File - Tag Format String, make sure to update it)

This userscript may break some parts of the page temporarly, so make sure to refresh the page after you use it. This userscript also may not work well on releases with tracks divided in parts, and will not work at all on releases without tracklists. Check your files before closing Mp3tag, just in case something went bad with the tags, my userscript is not perfect and it can fail under the right circumstanses, but I'm making sure to fix everything that's possible to deliver the best experience.

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